Lite up light Won the Reddot Design Award 2014

When considering the renovation and interior design of kitchen spaces, many do not consider the need for lighting inside storage or floor cabinets. When it comes to looking for the correct cooking apparatus within these cabinets, insufficient lighting can often make this a difficult task.

The Opple Lite-Up light is designed as a simple illumination device to address the issue of lighting within cabinets while also eliminating the need for complicated renovations. Product is designed to be fixed on a circular opening of a vertical panel within a cabinet space. In these cases, it is capable of lighting up two cabinet spaces simultaneously.

The Opple Lite-Up consists of two main lighting units which lock on to one another through a length-adjustable connection unit. To install, user simply needs to connect the two units through a prepunched opening on the panel, tighten the knobs, and connect to a power outlet. The adjustable connection unit allows the product to fit most cabinet wall thicknesses.

The design utilizes smart photosensitive technology that detects any light source as the on/off switch; turning the light on and off is as simple as opening and closing a cabinet door. 

Lite up light Won the Reddot Design Award 2014

The light sensor is set to bypass its own light wavelength, preventing accidental power triggers, and efficiently functioning only when it is needed. Through simple installation and intelligent feedback, the Opple Lite-up light is the perfect solution to cabinet lighting.

Lite up light Won the Reddot Design Award 2014   Lite up light Won the Reddot Design Award 2014
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