In today's competitive market, the competition is not only about the product design. It is also about the quick delivery to meet the emerging trend, especially on the IT products. Nova Design's great advantage is in project control and management. Our internal management system “KMO” is the tool for project managers to successfully manage project and integrate designers from different locations of the world. This management system also allows supporting departments to help in the creative process and creating the best solution to our worldwide clients on time.
 In order to be able to create successful marketable products, research and trend study must be done with the utmost care and detail. Successful product design depends on detailed knowledge of the markets and competitors so a target goal can be defined.
  • Product Planning & Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Fashion Trend Study
  • User-Activity Scenarios
  • Product & Brand Identity
Nova Design focuses on the entire design package and no detail is over looked. Nova uses both creative and evaluative techniques to ensure that each project responds to the end user and meets its intended use. We also use virtual simulation tools to keep projects always on the right focus. Nova offers the following steps.
  • Industrial Design
  • CAID 3D Simulation
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Product Identity
  • Communication Design
  An actual physical form is the best way to promote a product idea. Nova Design is intensely focused in this area; from study model to final prototype and confirmation samples. Nova has two factories dedicated to this function to match clients’ needs.
  • Appearance & Functional Prototype
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CNC Milling
  • Low-volume Production
A creative thought cannot be executed is not a good design. In order to create a realistic product design solution for clients, Nova Design put great amount of efforts in product development and engineering. To bring the product into reality, NOVA relies on engineering to make designs come to life.
  • Mechanical/Structure Design
  • Parts & Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Tooling & Manufacturing Liaison