Nova Design was established in 1988. During its early years, Nova Design imported Italian design and Japanese clay model know-how. Over the years, these then pioneering works have become the foundation of Nova's advancement. With more than 230 individuals from 12 different nationalities, it is the larges of its kind in the greater China region. Nova Design has operation across its global Five offices in Asia (Taipei, Shanghai, HoChihMinh City), Europe (Sondrio) and North America (San Jose). Currently, Nova Design is one of the world's largest independent product design and development consulting firms. With its global expertise and local experience, Nova Design brings business value and competitive advantage to its clients with expertise in research and trend study, product and interface design, prototyping services and engineering services.
Over the past 25 years, it has served numerous industries and product categories including: consumer electronics, computers, communications, medical equipment, housewares, healthcare and transportation. Nova Design focuses on not only product design innovation but also design process and management innovation. Our vision is to turn our passion for design and know-how for building competitive design systems to into a strategic asset for each client.
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